Dice Tossers is a gaming club in San Diego that meets and plays weekly emphasizing a gaming environment that celebrates the good spirited nature of gaming.  While a variety of games are played regularly by our members, primarily we participate in games of Warhammer 40,000 (40k) by Games Workshop.  We believe Warhammer 40,000 offers a rich narrative and hobby that is fundamental to its experience and the Dice Tossers are comprised of members with a gaming philosophy that actively promotes that narrative, hobby, and the concern for an opponent’s fun being vital to playing Warhammer 40,000.

Originally established in the summer of 2004 by Aaron Cook, Jason Nichols, Joel Shepersky, and Jason Wilson with weekly 40k campaigns, the gaming club began to grow and a screening process developed in order to determine gaming participants due to limited spots in the 40k campaigns.  Members invited players based upon their demonstrated gaming philosophies and over time a collection of gamers who emphasized fun and hobby over winning comprised the gaming club.

In 2006, the gaming club became closely associated with and some members were part of the Pacific Marauders.  This more formalized gaming club also shared the values of the campaign gaming group and the two clubs worked well together.  In 2010, the Pacific Marauders concentration moved to hosting the Broadside Bash tournaments.  While the two clubs continue to support one another, it became clear the campaign gaming club needed its own home. Chris Kohler volunteered to make a website dedicated to the campaign gaming club; he Christened us the Dice Tossers; we’ve been tossing dice with hairy palms ever since.