Issues Logging On

Issue:  I’ve registered, but my log-on doesn’t work.

Why:  While registration issues might have several causes, the most common is simply a misunderstanding.  The blog portion of this website is powered by the blog design software WordPress.  The forum portion uses phpBB, a forum framework.  The comments are run by a blog comments coordinating service called Disqus.

Inconveniently, registration is required of each of these programs independently.  So, after registering for our blog site (the main page) allowing you to Live Chat and granting Tossers and campaign participants authorial access, if you have not already registered with Disqus (a popular centralized blog commenting service – used by sites such as Bell of Lost Souls), you must register once again to leave a comment.

The forum pages (Forum and Bitzbin) using phpBB also require registration to participate.  Anyone who registers has posting privileges, but Tossers are also granted access to private and hidden forums.

Solution:  Register to each program.  It’s a hassle, our apologies.

In the Future: While plug-ins exist attempting to have WordPress communicate with phpBB for registration, these are third party designs and frought with software conflicts.  Hopefully, a plug-in will be created that seemlessly registers all of these popular web tools in one go.


If you are having problems registering with this site, please feel free to contact the site administrator at – Jason. If the problem looks to be an issue that may happen to others, it will likely be posted above as a common issue.  Sorry for any trouble and thank you for helping to make this site easy to use.

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