Certificate Error and/or Security Prompt


Issue: I keep getting a certificate error page or Internet Explorer tells me this site might be unsecure.

Why: This site’s domain is close to our original site dicetossers.com and the site’s certificate was issued to .com, not .org. Because the two are so close, Internet Explorer triggers a ‘suspicious’ warning believing dicetossers.org is a malicious site attempting to fool you.

Solution: Go to your Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet options > Advanced. Click ‘Restore advanced settings’, then click ‘Reset’. You may be prompted to close all other windows. Do so, then click ‘Reset’. Close the window, open a new one, and you should arrive at dicetossers.org without incident.


If you are having problems with this site, please feel free to post a reply here requesting help. If your problem looks to be an issue that may happen to others, it will likely be posted above as a common issue. Sorry for any trouble and thank you for helping to make this site easy to use.

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